Wissenswerkstatt Berlin is an open science and technology space. Its goal is to enable people to expand their knowledge and understanding of the natural world, by providing information, practical tools, and guidance. Whether you are interested in learning about the infinitely large or the infinitely small, we are here to help: we promise small, interactive classroom sessions, and the opportunity to develop your own projects and experiments in our workshop space, with as little or as much supervision as you desire. You can join Wissenswerkstatt Berlin with any level of expertise and proceed through the courses at your own pace. Our offer is tailored to your aspirations: from the sheer desire to learn to more specific professional or academic goals.


My name is Eloisa, I am a physicist, and I founded Wissenswerkstatt Berlin because I hate to see science removed from the public discourse. For years I have worked in universities and academic institutions around the world, and whilst I found them to be incredibly inspiring places for scientists, I think their science communication needs improvement.

Before starting Wissenswerkstatt Berlin, I was a postdoctoral scientist and a Marie Curie Fellow in the Astrophysical Relativity division of the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics in Potsdam. Before that, I studied and worked for several years in the United States, where I obtained a Ph.D. in Physics and a minor in High Performance Computing from the Pennsylvania State University with a thesis in numerical relativity (“Ringing in unison: exploring black-hole coalescence with quasinormal modes”) in 2008, and then researched scientific software verification and optimisation at the Center for Computation and Technology. The roots of my scientific career, however, remain in my native Italy, where I was born, raised, and completed a Laurea in Physics with a thesis in theoretical cosmology (“Robertson-Walker cosmologies and type-Ia supernovae”) in 2002.

The whole story can be read in my scientific profile.