Frequently asked questions

Science and technology are for geniuses. I do not belong with them.

Quite the contrary! There is a lot of evidence that the reason why practitioners of these fields have better logical and technical skills has more to do with their daily exercise in scientific thought than with any innate talents. Anyone can benefit from developing a technical hobby, including (and especially) those who have no past education or experience in science or technology.

Why should I pay for science courses, when there are many free initiatives organized by established, trusted institutions?

As with nearly everything else, you should pay more when you want more. Universities and research institutions do offer occasional evening and weekend events, but their scientists will not have the time to give you personal advice or follow your progress. They are already busy carrying out their own research, teaching university classes, supervising student theses, publishing and presenting their results, searching for funds to support their labs, and performing myriads of other administrative tasks. If you want individual attention, you need to be responsible for the costs.

My child does not have time for further schooling, he/she is already busy with sport/music/art classes.

It’s great that your child is so well-rounded! However, those activities are not very likely to give them a livelihood when they grow up in just a few years’ time. Technical skills are the most valuable asset on the job market nowadays, so make sure your child finds and works on at least one skill that is both enjoyable to them and a solid investment for their future career. A secure job is, among other things, the best guarantee that they will be able to practice their sport/music/art passion throughout their life.


How old does my child need to be to attend one of your activities?

Children need to be able to read independently in order to benefit from our offer. This usually corresponds to age 7 and up. Earlier admissions may be possible if a child has adequate reading skills before age 7.


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