Planning your personal journey through modern science is an important task, but it need not be daunting! Wissenswerkstatt Berlin offers a set of activities to help you take your first steps.

On a monthly basis, we hold a  Café Scientifique in the library of Berlin’s Max und Moritz Wirthaus. This is a perfect opportunity to explore new topics and find out what may interest you. The talks are given by experts, but they strive to make the presentation as accessible as possible, so that no prior knowledge is required. Admission to the talks is always free.

For deeper, more focused discussions, we offer regular learning groups, described in detail in the Course section. Each group consists of up to 10 people, and meets once a week for two hours (usually the time is split equally into a lecture and a practical session). In July and August, we also offer our courses as an intensive summer school series with daily sessions, Monday to Friday, both in the morning and in the afternoon.