Summer schools



Summer is the perfect time to learn new skills, let yourself experiment freely, and meet like-minded friends. If you are between the ages of 7 and 17 and are looking to expand your horizons in science and technology, do not pass up the opportunity!

From August 3rd to 28th, visit the Wissenswerkstatt and join one of our learning groups: we will be playing with light, discovering the science behind art, assembling telescopes, and exploring how computers learn. Check out which activities are available in the list below.

age 7-10
Playing with light
2015 is the International Year of Light! Join this group to learn what light is made of, and how you can control, take apart, and recombine light rays.

age 7-10
Waves are a very well-known phenomenon. Or are they? Where do ocean waves come from? And are they the same as sound waves, or radio waves? Attend this workshop to find the answers to these fundamental questions.

age 11-13
The mathematics of art
Concepts like musical harmony and geometric symmetry follow precise mathematical laws. In this workshop, you will have the chance to find out about them, and perhaps discover new ones!

age 11-13
In this course, we will explore how a telescope is made — and build one ourselves!

age 14-17
Cosmic matter and energy
A guided reading group through the different forms that matter can take in extraterrestrial environments, such as black holes, neutron starts, dark matter, and dark energy.

age 14-17
Artificial Intelligence
A hands-on lab to experiment with machine-learning algorithms.