Girls’ Day (Mädchen Zukunftstag) at Wissenswerkstatt Berlin



Within the framework of Girls’ Day (Mädchen Zukunftstag), Wissenswerkstatt Berlin hosted last Thursday a dozen curious girls exploring the interface between science, technology, and entrepreneurship. Our guests hauled from a handful of different schools in Berlin and Potsdam, and participated in two one-hour workshops: “What exactly is a supercomputer?” and “The mathematics of paper folding”. This might have been their first exposure to these themes, but they certainly caught on fast! By 11am, they had helped put together a small cluster of Raspberry Pi‘s and proved strong scaling of a simple benchmark. By 1pm, they were folding flexagons like pros.

They also had the chance to ask questions about Wissenswerkstatt Berlin (and Potsdam Transfer, who kindly helped running the event) as well as about the concept of technology transfer.