Wissenswerkstatt Berlin sponsors the 19. Tag der Mathematik



This year, Wissenswerkstatt Berlin was a proud co-sponsor of the Tag der Mathematik. If you visited this event on Saturday at the Berlin Technische Universität, you might have come across our booth. Were you among those who came by and tried out our activities? Then we hope you had as much fun as we did!

The flexagon challenge, in particular, received a lot of attention. Hearty congratulations to all those who managed to solve the puzzles and took home one of our prizes. Curious about how to make these objects at home? Check out the templates for trihexaflexagons and hexahexaflexagons to get started.



The demo “Have you seen your voice?” also attracted some interest, judging by all the creative visitors stopping by to visualise all sorts of sound waves.

If you are hungry for more discovery, don’t forget to take a look at our calendar and come visit us. The fun to discover and create never ends…