Prices and subscriptions

Classes and events at Wissenswerkstatt Berlin are priced according to the following scheme:

Event Group Price
One class (2 hours) Adult 25 €
One class (2 hours) Child 18 €
Course subscription (2 hours/week) Adult 90 €/month
Course subscription (2 hours/week) Child 60 €/month
Summer school (one week) Child 150 €
Lab access (no courses) All  Coming soon!
Café Scientifique All free

Newcomers can try one class for free. Subscription forms are available at each session, or by contacting us directly. We will also soon offer a courseless subscription option which includes all the benefits of a regular subscription, minus the course attendance.

All quoted prices are final. Pursuant to §19 of the German Value Added Tax (VAT) Act, we do not charge VAT and thus do not show this tax in our prices.